Cannabis and The Black and Brown Community- Hear from Black Business Owners and Employees in the Cannabis/ Marijuana Industry



Photo by Author- Weed Maps Museum of Weed

Schedule I & Schedule II

Black and Brown Communities- The Impact on Family and Community Due to Prohibition

Photo By Author- Weed Maps Museum of Weed

Hear from Black Women and Men in the Cannabis/Weed Industry

Herb of Life Cultivation, LLC

Photo: Herb of Life LLC

Smoke & Grow Rich Tours

Photo: Smoke & Grow Rich Tours

Higher Level Healthcare

Photo: Higher Level Healthcare

Black Joy Consulting

Photo: Black Joy Consulting

Jhae Clark, Communications Manager- Loudpack

Photo: Jhae Clark

Craft Cannabis Culture

Photo: Craft Cannabis Culture

In Closing

I love Cannabis. I am an advocate and supporter of full legalization. I educate and inform via writing. 2020- journey around country to cover all things canna!

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