Part 2- 60 Day Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan: Overview- Support- Meals Day(s)30–60

Veronica Castillo
5 min readAug 24, 2019
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If you are just joining us- WELCOME! Everything you need to know about the plan begins here! This is not a challenge- actually it is- it’s a challenge between the current you, and the you that you are trying to become.

I urge you to follow the inspo team! They are so encouraging and inspiring. It takes a village and you can meet that village in part one.

Speaking of villages- this portion of the guide- days 30–60- was created with help from a portion of the inspo team and a new member that you will meet in just a second. We all worked together and contributed as a village because we are stronger together!

For those that have been with us since day 1- I am so eager to hear about your first 30 days. Please shoot me a message and fill me in!

New Inspo- Amber!

Learn more about Amber here!

Photo: Amber

Amber is a vegan mother and amazing friend! I learn so much from her! The photo: I went with this one because she schools us! She is so knowledgeable about foods, products, and chemicals. She advises women on their “gem”…



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